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KithKin no Spam. 1

KithKin no Spam.

19.04.2009 One of the KithKin email address's has recently been abused to make
Spam messages appear like they have been sent by KithKin.

We are in no way associated with the sending of these emails, the email
address is being spoofed.

If you've had some emails, its not us, for you its was hopefully at worst
one or two. Currently KithKin's inbox is filled with thousands of returned emails.

Why does spam exist!
Coming Soon... 1
Coming Soon... 2
Coming Soon... 3
Coming Soon... 4
Coming Soon... 5

Coming Soon...

14.02.2009 We have been working on a small range of tshirts for Beyond the Valley.
More info and better pics coming soon.
london paper. 1

london paper.

04.12.2008 Hmm, SomeRightsReservered at the DesignersBlock shop of delight was pictured in yesterdays London Paper.

I'm not really sure what the point of press coverage that doesn't credit is, shame some people can't be arsed to do thier jobs.

Don't go to Covent Garden expecting to see the DesignersBlock popup shop, its ended already, this article is a week late.
SomeRightsReserved @ Covent Garden 1

SomeRightsReserved @ Covent Garden

19.11.2008 SomeRightsReserved is part of the DesignersBlock popup shop in Covent Garden from the
24th November - 30th November. We've tucked our little mini market stall into the shop and got a couple of new downloads on show, and available to buy.

Come down and have a browse, the shop is located in the piazza in the corner nearest to the Transport Musuem (look for the red neon DesignersBlock sign in the window).

Unit 26,
The Market,
Covent Garden,
London WC2E 8RF
24th - 31st November : 11:00 - 7:00

one roast later.

24.10.2008 One roast dinner, and a lot of randomness chatted, the concept for the KithKin workshop at Covent Garden is decided....

KithKin Christmas : Outline 1
KithKin Christmas : Outline 2
KithKin Christmas : Outline 3
KithKin Christmas : Outline 4
KithKin Christmas : Outline 5
KithKin Christmas : Outline 6
KithKin Christmas : Outline 7
KithKin Christmas : Outline 8
KithKin Christmas : Outline 9
KithKin Christmas : Outline 10
KithKin Christmas : Outline 11
KithKin Christmas : Outline 12
KithKin Christmas : Outline 13
KithKin Christmas : Outline 14
KithKin Christmas : Outline 15
KithKin Christmas : Outline 16
KithKin Christmas : Outline 17
KithKin Christmas : Outline 18
KithKin Christmas : Outline 19
KithKin Christmas : Outline 20
KithKin Christmas : Outline 21

KithKin Christmas : Outline

22.10.2008 DesignersBlock are taking over a shop in convent garden for christmas.

KithKin have been invited to concept a workshop for the event, and include some
SomeRightsReserved products in the pop up shop.

The theme is Thrift.  Get your thinking caps on KK family.

The running dates are
24th November - 30th November


The Paah

20.09.2008 The Power of Paah, our collection of lovely graduate work is now up and running at Designers Block, Covent Garden.

If you haven't had a look then pop down before five on Sunday.

No1 The Piazza.
Covent Garden.


15.09.2008 We recently Poped into Selfridges and poped up a POP UP SHOP for Designers Block. So, as well as seeing our gubbins your can now buy our gubbins - all at Sell Fridges prices! check it out on the 4th floor. more images coming soon. cool.

KithKin Reveal @ Selfridges

09.09.2008 KithKin Reveal installation at Selfridges Oxford street is now live.
We have split a window in six segments, with one being revealed each week.

As you can see the we kinda took over the lounge at Kitson Road, apologies housemateys, so much for a virtual studio.

The current section that is open is To Let. Yes the space in the window is available for public submissions. More info coming soon....

To visit the Window:

Selfridges London,
Duke Street Windows,
KithKin @ New Designers

KithKin @ New Designers

11.07.2008 We're heading back to New Designers, one year after graduating..

Designersblock, Associate and KithKin present a panel discussion that gives three different perspectives on life after graduation.

Come down and get involved in some interesting chats. Find out what we've been upto in the year since graduating, and how we did it. Get some advice from PR afficanote Duncan from Associate, and learn about the merits of doing exhibitions from Mr Rory Dodd of DesignersBlock.

New Designers

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