The Power of Paah! : London 08

We have been hunting down the most exciting conceptual creative work at this year’s degree shows and are delighted to bring a hand picked selection to the heart of Covent Garden at Designersblock London 2008.

KithKin are fascinated by that moment when you look at something, when it strikes you with its brilliance, for some it raises a wry smile, others laugh out loud, some want to touch it and others pronounce “paah”.

Sound of Light

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

A flourescent tube light casing made by recording and graphing 1 second of the familiar buzzing sound the light makes.


Tamsin van Essen

A set of cups which appear to have been infected and colonised by bacteria.


Nicola Kane

Typographic interpretation. Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’.

A Series of Notebooks

Jeeyun Chung

Notebooks for Left-handed, Right-handed and Ambidextrous People

Curious Objects

Tamsin van Essen

Today’s cutting-edge scientific theories may one day be seen as quaint and curious museum pieces: theoretical antiques or abstract junk.

Added Value

Louise Graham

‘Added Value’ enhancing the value in ‘everyday’ objects.

Tea Handkerchief

Miho Kaneko

Take English Afternoon tea everywhere you go.

Rotate light

Norihiko Inoue

Rotating light, changing environments.

Limited Edition Designer Dolls

Olivia Lee

Today’s most high-profile designers are idolized.

Grime Fighter

Josue Gamonal Lopez

Superhero Spray Cleaner Bottle

We’re S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G

Lorna Robertson

A series of interventions and posters exploring ways to function within the cracks of a system.

Music of the Spheres

Camilla Sundwall

Kitchenware instruments; Singing Bowl, Whistling Water Vessel, Ringing Glasses

Eco Brolly

Shiu Yuk Yuen

An environmentally friendly umbrella that encourages society to reuse.

Subversion in the Office

Hema Vyas

Pens that allow play through subversive acts of behaviour


Eleanor Freya Gregory

Is kitsch really bad taste? A luxury three piece suite made by very humble means.

Lucky candles

Maria Gil Ulldemolins

Happy birthday! Close your eyes and think of a wish…


Clara Bainbridge

A fruit bowl that promotes the idea that a healthy lifestyle can be fun and become a daily treat.

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