No Robots Please!

By Alan Outten

250 young children’s designs for the future – includes super plants, altered animals, gadgets and gizmos, personal fabrication, artificial life and much, much more!

This 313-page book is the culmination of eight workshops undertaken at three primary schools during the summer term of 2007 in which Dr Alan Outten - dressed to impress (and inspire) in his white laboratory coat – takes the children on a journey to explore the future!

Delving deep into the world of the microscopic, the children discover all about the science, applications and ethics of nanotechnology and genetic engineering before being set their final challenge: Design the future! The children - uninhibited in their pursuit of creative future designs – passionately conjure up new visions such as nano-pets and the edible apple phone.

In addition to the 250 designs included in the book, there is also a transcript of one of the workshops and a specially-extended chapter containing over 500 future predictions by the general public.

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No Robots Please No Robots Please No Robots Please