Graphic Grenade

By PostlerFerguson 

A paper grenade you can fold up and arm yourself with at home.

The Paper Grenade paper kit is one of the “Death Machines” series of paper reproductions of classic weapons systems. Each of these weapons embodies the highest values of “good design”; good engineering, reliable performance, robust construction. They are icons of design that have shaped our collective aesthetic sensibilities in countless movies, TV shows and news images.

The “Death Machines” paper kits bring the contradictory experience of weapons into the home; on the one hand, admirably designed and aesthetically fascinating and on the other terrifyingly in their lethality. Each handmade part becomes a medium for the maker's reaction to the subject.

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Make It...

Just buy paper, knife and glue and cut by hand.


8cm * 5cm *5cm

Approx. Cost to Produce:

Graphic Grenade

Cut by Hand

Its in the name. Get yourself a good sharp scapel or cutting knife, and a cutting board. When I cut I prefer to move the paper (or whatever I am cutting) around the knife, rather than moving the knife itself, give it a go see what works for you, and be careful!


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