How to Fill Out a SOCPA Form

By Zara Arshad

Planning a protest outside the Houses of Parliament? This booklet illustrates how to create anarchy even when filling out the official paperwork to legalise your protest. 100% legal.

The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 is a British law that prohibits protest within a 1km exclusion zone around the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. In order to take part in a demo, prior consent is needed by the MET. This is achieved by filling out an application for demonstration, which is then sent off for approval.

A lot of the details on the official paperwork, however, are not required by law; there is nothing that states that official documents are even needed to legalise your protest. “How to Fill Out a SOCPA Form” demonstrates “legalised anarchy” and is a step-by-step illustration of the rebel’s way to legalise your protest.

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An instructions page is already supplied in the PDF of how to put the booklet together. This involves scoring, hole-punching and putting the document together using butterfly pins.


Each page is 140mm x 160mm with 9 pages in total.

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