Triso Typeface

By Ric Bell

A conceptual typeface based around the isometric grid and form of a cube, designed to link together to create bigger modular patterns.

TRISO - The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Fox

The file supplied is for two main uses:

1. To be CNC-machined out of wood or plastic to be used as a decoration or sculptural piece.

2. To be laser cut out of sticky vinyl to be applied to walls or around corners of rooms/buildings.

The EPS file should be accepted my most professional laser-cutting/CNC-machining companies as a suitable format to create the final product.

Because of its vector file format, the piece can be blown up to any size.

Then, hang or stick anywhere you like and ask friends to tell you what they see. Do they see the typeface working? or simply geometric forms and patterns?

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Copyright 2008

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